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Barber, Lois

Barber, Lois

Lois Barber stuck her neck out to stop an Air Force communications tower that was intended to allow the military to fight on after a massive nuclear exchange. She thought this kind of thinking was dangerous, that we should be trying to prevent wars, rather than investing in being able to fight them to the last man.

Finding many peace groups too unfocused, Barber started 20/20 Vision, a new kind of peace network that might be described as a peace "franchise."

Every subscriber to a local 20/20 group pays $20 a year and spends 20 minutes a month on a peace action. Local volunteers research issues and mail postcards to local 20/20 subscribers with specific actions they can request from targeted politicians or media outlets.

The brochure for 20/20 promises to show you "how to defuse nuclear bombs on your coffee break." Barber has created a concrete way for people with strong convictions but little time to have an impact.

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Age when commended: adult (20-64)
Year commended: 1988
Occupation: Other
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